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Would you like to Volunteer in Bahrain?

When coming to Bahrain you see a lot of areas like environment and animals where volunteers are needed below you can find some of these club and societies that help. There any many worthwhile societies too but this website tries to concentrate on environmental issues (for now)

A group that helps clean Bahrain’s Beaches.

Volunteers are always needed for a few hours of clean up work on the weekends.

+973 39407030

Aims to clean up garbage in Bahrain and influence the youth to make a difference.

Volunteers are always needed for their beach and dive cleanups.

+973 36501153

A non-profit organization, fully reliant on the generosity of others, dedicated to the welfare of animals.

Volunteer opportunities include grooming, walking, and playing with the animals.

AWC (+973) 17591231 Thrift Shop (+973) 17593479

15th September 2018 World Clean up day

HUNDREDS of people

took part in a major beach

clean-up campaign across

Bahrain as part of World

Clean-up Day which was

marked yesterday.

Ten beaches were cleaned

up during the event organised

by the Supreme Council for the

Environment (SCE) in co-operation with the Bahrain Clean-up Society and supported by the UN Environment organisation.

More than 300 people took part in the key initiative Al Jazair Beach in the Southern Governate

An initiative to help feed, treat, and find homes for stray dogs.

Volunteer opportunities include feeding the dogs, and transporting injured or ill ones to clinics.

+973 39675919

Images: GDN 16 Sept 2018

The campaign covered also the

beaches of

Dry Dock,


Prince Khalifa Bin Salman Park in Muharraq; Jasra,


Jid Al Haj,


and Demistan in the Northern


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