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***Local Made products by individuals***

Injaz 2019 project

The Bahrain cup holder that can be used over and over again.

Environmental friendly and suitable for hot and cold beverages in designs that reflect the original heritage of Bahrain.

Manually manufactured using colorful Bahraini materials and designs that are related to the traditions and culture of Bahrain.

for inquiries and order Whatsapp 973 39225060


Nadia Zaid M:3660 8221

Experienced makeup artist


Beauty makeover

Professional courses etc

Homemade Food

Basma Rashdan- Mobile: 3637 778

Homemade Pickels:



Dana Al Kooheji- 36 549 549

VEIL: Abaya's

Mishki Abaya- 39 44 44 43


Malak Al Riffa

M: 3651 7138

Road: 545 Block: 905 Building: 2004

East Riffa

Beautiful brightly colored traditional Bahraini dresses

Lune Couture- Isa Town

Bridal dresses

Party dresses

Jalabyas - mini jalabyas


for appointments: 3637 7188

**Lolly cakes**

Traditional Bahraini sweets

instagram @lollycakesbh

Made in Bahrain with Passion 💓

☎+973 17000919

📱+973 39177795. Wts up

⏲️ 9 am-1 and 4pm -9 every day

Friday 10 am to 8 pm

Fancy Boxes

***Perfect package***

Handcrafted designed boxes and bags for all occasions

instagram @perfectpackage

Whatsapp +973 39223311 Mariam Janahi


Creative Henna design


M:3914 2176

For parties and specials occasions birthday parties

add the extra touch of traditional henna designs

Female Photographers

Deena's Photography

Freeze your Moments

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