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Medicinal benefit from Bahrain indigenous Trees

Important! Do not use herbs for medicinal purposes without consulting your medical doctor. Herbs have medicinal qualities and can react with other medications

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Wattle tree, Kikar, Babul, Acacia Vera, Egyptian thorn, Egyptian gum Arabic, Amrad Gum, Thorny Mimosa of India.

Used to treat: diarrhea, eczema, strengthen loose teeth, conjunctivitis, epiphora, tonsillitis, leucorrhea, spermatorrhea....



East Indian walnut tree, Siris Tree, Indian Siris, acacia tree(Australia),Titbit tree, acacia (El Salvador)

Albizia is commonly used for:

Allergic Conditions: Reduces the release of histamines through a stabilizing effect on mast cells Mildly suppresses activity of T-lymphocytes reducing the level of allergy-inducing antibodies

Blood Conditions: High blood cholesterol

Respiratory Tract Conditions: Asthma, Allergic rhinitis (commonly called hay fever)

Skin Conditions: Eczema (internal and external),Urticaria (nettle rash)



Arya veppu, azad dirakht, bevu, margosa tree, nim, nimb, nimba, ravipriya


Neem for human medicinal uses.pdf (418KBS)

Azadiracht Indica- Meswak-Neem pdf (221KBS)

Neem has been used for:

Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Conditions: AIDS, Fungal infections, Malaria, Mononucleosis, Sexually transmitted diseases, Shingles, Yeast infections

Blood Conditions: Blood disorders

Brain and Nervous System Conditions: Headache, Nerve disorders

Cardiovascular Conditions: Heart diseases

Gastrointestinal Conditions: Digestive problems

Genitourinary Tract Conditions: Kidney problems

Immune System Conditions: Allergies, Strengthens the immune responses of the body's overall immune system

Liver Conditions: Hepatitis

Metabolic Conditions: Diabetes

Respiratory System Conditions: Colds , Influenza, Sore throat

Reproductive System Conditions: Birth control remedy for both men and women

Skin Conditions: Acne

Other: Cancer, Earache, Fatigue, Fever, Food poisoning, Periodontal diseases, Ulcer

Externally it is used to treat: Acne, Bruises, Burns, Skin diseases, Sprains, Ulcers, Wounds


Eugenia Jambolana

(Jambul - Jamun – Jamblang – Duhat plum - Syzýgium jambolána - Jambolan, Java plum, Black plum, Damson plum, Jamboo, Malabar plum, Portuguese plum)

Medicinal Action and Uses: In India Jambul has long been used as a carminative in diarrhoea; stomachic and astringent.

The fresh seeds have been found most effective in diabetes, as they quickly reduce sugar in the urine; also very beneficial in glycosuria.

Eugenia Jambolan (PDF) 450kb

Benifits of Psyllium husk

Cholesterol Control, Constipation, Diarrhea, High sugar levels in blood, Inflammatory bowel disease,

Obesity and Weight Loss, Colon Cancer Prevention, Preparation for Colonoscopy Procedure.

Psyllium husk.pdf (176 kbs)

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Solar energy

self emprovement

Hydroponic garden

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******Dairy free sources of Calcium******

******Natural repellents******

Throw a stick of sage or powdered sage into your fire. The sage scented smoke that the fire will emit keeps mosquitoes and other annoying bugs at bay for the entire area.

At your next outdoor gathering try this SAFE and EFFECTIVE method of keeping mosquitoes at bay!

Simply slice a lime in half and press in a good amount of cloves for an ALL NATURAL mosquito repellent

!!!!!You are what you eat!!!!!

******Healing fruits******


Morinda citrifolia is a tree in the coffee family

The health benefits of Noni Juice produced from the noni plant (Morinda Citrifolia) have been well known by the Polynesians for more than 2,000 years.

Captain James Cook recorded its use in Tahiti in the late 1700s and a British book published in 1866 recorded that the Noni fruit was eaten in the Cook Islands.

The benefits listed included, but were not restricted to, cures for allergy, arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes 1 & 2, digestions, enlarged prostrate, heart disease, high blood pressure, immune system, kidney disease, pain, respiratory problems, skin disorders, sleeplessness, stress, Parkinson's Disease, multiple sclerosis and even assisting people to give up smoking.

The leaves of the Noni plant are known to relieve gout pain and act as a tonic and as a healer of wounds and ulcers.

Doctors in ancient India used all parts of the Noni plant for medicinal purposes and it is well known for the same beneficial effects in countries as far flung as Burma, Fiji and Australia (especially amongst the Aborigines).

In Africa, the health benefits include being used to cure malaria, fever, jaundice, yellow fever and dysentery.

*****Cancer healing and prevention*****

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******Herbs for health******


Home Medicines using Fenugreek

• Swallowing a teaspoon of this medicinal herb with before having a meal is considered as one of the simplest fenugreek home remedies for acid reflux. It reduces belching, too.

• Prepare a decoction by boiling a tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in 300 ml of water until the quantity of water reduces to half. Drink the resultant solution for 10 days to relieve sinusitis.

• Gargling with fenugreek infusion, five to six times in a day helps ease a sore throat. It also reduces mouth sores.

• Applying a paste prepared from fenugreek leaves or seeds can help heal boils.

• When used as a douche, fenugreek decoction assists in the home treatment of leucorrhoea.

• Benefits of fenugreek can also be derived by consuming fenugreek tea, which reduces bad breath and body odor. It serves as an appetite stimulant and breaks up excess mucus in the chest. Moreover, regular consumption of this herbal tea lowers blood sugar levels. It soothes gastrointestinal inflammation as well.

• Boil some fenugreek leaves and fry them in butter. Finally, eat this therapeutic mixture two times in a day to cure stomach problems.

• Mixture of fenugreek seeds and yogurt serves as a good hair conditioner.

• Cook some fenugreek leaves in coconut milk and add garlic in it. Consume this fenugreek home remedy during winters to heal Arthritis pain naturally. Similarly, a poultice of steamed fenugreek leaves can be applied on aching joints to get rid of the pain.

• When dealing with hemorrhoids, fenugreek sitz baths are

highly beneficial. To prepare this remedy you need to mix fenugreek seed extract in cold water.

• Having a cup of fenugreek leaves (boiled) along with honey helps relieve constipation. Follow this therapy two times in a day.

• Prepare a paste of fenugreek seeks ground in water and apply this mixture on your head. Finally, wash it off after 40-45 minutes to treat the problem of hair fall and baldness.

Chewing fenugreek seeds or sprouts helps remove bad breath.


Fenugreek can cause allergic reactions like swelling of face, lips, or tongue in certain individuals. In addition, it can give rise to nausea, bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Besides, it is suggested to take this herb at a couple of hours before or after consuming a prescribed medication as it tends to interfere with the absorption of other drugs due to its high fiber content. fenugreek benefits when it is taken in moderation, that is, approximately six grams per day.

******Healing vegetables******

Avocado seeds are full of great health benefits, they have more antioxidants than most fruits and veggies, in fact 70% of the total antioxidants found in the avocado, and it has as much polyphenols as green tea, and last but not least they are full of more soluble fiber than just about any food.

They lower cholesterol, and help fight off disease, prevents cardiovascular disease and prevent strokes.

They are also great for inflammation of the GI tract and diarrhea, they also have lots of phenolic compounds that help to prevent gastric ulcers, and prevent bacterial and viral diseases, they also boost your immune system and keep you from coming down with debilitating diseases.

Avocado Seed Oil also increases collagen in your skin thus helping to keep your skin looking young and wrinkle free, it helps your hair look shiny and to get rid of dry dead skin.

******7 Ways to Clear Constipation Naturally******

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