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****Individual recycling projects****

****Candles of hope****

The nationwide ‘Bring Back to Life’ drive is aimed at collecting non-biodegradable waste, such as candle wax and glass and metal containers, and recycling them into new products that can be sold for charity.

The social media push is the latest initiative by the Environment Friends Society (EFS) in collaboration with certified Bahraini candle artist and designer Seema Haqiqi and environmentalist Nusra Mohammed Bu Ashwan.

Right now they have lot of candles (16,565 candles) and the collection crates made from pallets have been removed until they start a new campaign so hold on to those candle and don't throw them into the waste


“I am a candle artist and the whole idea for the project came when Nusra asked me if I could use old and broken candles and its containers for my creations,” said Ms Al Haqiqi.

“We plan to run the campaign for two months hoping to collect enough wax to make new products that could be sold for charity purposes.”The mother-of-four from Riffa said the new products may not be as good as the fresh candles made from wax, yet will be good to use.

“What we are bringing back to life will be a mix of different types of wax in quality colour and scent and I have many ideas to make them artistically appealing.” @mycraftytouch


Environmental activist friend Nasra Bu-Ashwan, a great proponent of ‘zero waste’, asked her if she could make use of old candles. Whcih resulted in the project candle of hope

People are unaware that candles can and should be recycled. We spread this awareness, and encourage people to buy recycled ones or safely make their own. Discarded candles just lie in landfills and, wax being highly flammable, can burn the garbage around and produce toxic fumes in the summer heat. Also, birds and stray animals can die of eating it.


*****Companies that collect recyclable materials*****

>> Al osra supermarket<<

Bahrain recycle and Al osra supermarket have placed these great machines again where plastic bottles and cans can be deposited for points. This one is at mercado mall in Janabiya

>> E-Bin Company <<

 Introducing first time in Bahrain ==> An Online Bin where you can dispose of your segregated recyclables from your households, office or restaurants every Saturdays. For list of Items or Booking Collection send a HELLO on Whatsapp : 34071010.

نقدم لأول مرة في البحرين ==> سلة النفايات عبر الإنترنت حيث يمكنك التخلص من المواد القابلة لإعادة التدويرمنفصلة من بيتك أو مكتبك أو مطعمك كل يوم سبت. للحصول على قائمة بالعناصر أو للحجز ، أرسل مرحبا على واتس أب : 34071010.


For those who are overwhelmed with the list and different grades of the plastics, Here is how you can look for them. They are mostly at the bottom of any bottles or any other product. 🚨Make sure it’s a number inside the recycling logo ♻️1,2,3,4,5 . We don’t collect 6 & 7 for the record.

بالنسبة لأولئك الذين أربكتهم القائمة والدرجات المختلفة من المواد البلاستيكية ، إليك كيف يمكنك البحث عنها. معظمهم في الجزء السفلي من أي قارورة أو أي منتج آخر. تأكد من وجود رقم داخل شعار إعادة التدوير ♻1،2،3،4،5. نحن لا نجمع 6 و 7 للسجل.

>>Bahrain Environment Service Society <<

In cooperation with the Environment Affairs Directorate and the Mother & Child Welfare Society, under the Patronage of Late Sheika Lulwa Bint Mohammed Al Khalifa a Civil Society Action Program for Recycling in Bahrain was undertaken in 2001.

The project was financed by the private sector and supported by UNEP and the environment Affairs Directorate. UNEP provided technical support and guidance.

The ladies have now become an independent company, focusing on recycling of all items and providing jobs for Bahraini's.

They now employ mostly Bahraini nationals who collect different materials to be recycled from many schools, governmental departments, private companies and individuals.

Able to supply recycle skips (at cost) and make arrangements to collect it any frequency you desire.

Collected are the following:

  • Any type of clean scrap Plastic
  • Any type of clean carton and paper
  • Any type of clean aluminum and scrap metal
  • Used printer cartridges
  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • E-waste (obsolete IT equipment etc)

Containers for bigger amount of recyclable items can be requested from:

Ms. Madiha 39224543

A charity close to my heart is

Heifer International's mission is to work with communities to end world hunger and poverty and to care for the Earth

Passing On the Gift

We have all needed a helping hand in our lives. Start a cycle of positive change by helping others as you have been helped. The giving spirit grows exponentially with each person it impacts


It feels great knowing that, when you give a Heifer gift, you're making a lasting difference. Now it's easier than ever to spread that feeling of pride and joy while helping struggling families.


  • Can be given in honor of a friend or a loved one.
  • Can be made easily and quickly online.
  • Is tax deductible.
  • Supports the international programs that need it most.

>>Alfa Express Co. W.L.L<<


Alfa Express Co. WLL is operating in Bahrain to assist the regional needs of waste management.

Their main objective is to venture in a profitable and eco-friendly business to create an easy, hassle free approach to recycling which everyone can get involved in with the ultimate goal of greatly reducing the waste that is needlessly being sent to local landfills and creating an environment we are all proud to live in.

Alfa Express Co. WLL believes in business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

They are proud to employ handicapped regional workforce.

They support regional charitable institutions like Al Bayan and Quran Care that recycle for charity.

Together with their expertise and their commitment, they try to do their bit for charity.

They have received special recognition from the labor ministry and numerous charitable institutions.

If you are in business, you need a recycling program that is flexible and hassle-free – a service that provides the right type of recycling equipment to best fit your business need

They have a fleet of more than 25 trucks plying across Bahrain giving satisfactory services round the clock,7 days a week to the clients for their waste disposal.


Alpha Express role is to provide the commercial sector with waste management systems to suit the client’s specific recycling needs. This includes a wide range of bins, containers, cages and compactors. Our standard one point collection service for the recyclables will be provided free of charge.

 They offer the client a chance to support their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) through sponsoring our recycling program for the domestic sector and advertising their involvement with Alpha Express


With the support from the commercial sector, the homes will be provided with a suitable recycling bin for the separation of the recyclables. There will be set days for the collection of the recyclables. All you have to do is place the tagged black bags outside your front door as per the provided schedule and they will collect free of charge.


With support from the commercial sector, the schools will be provided with suitable internal recycling bins for the separation of all recyclables. An effective one point collection system will be implemented with a regular collection service provided free of charge.

Contact: Mr. Srinivas (Mobile : 36401601)


Want2Recycle is a sister concern of Alfa Express Co. WLL & Paper Chase International INC. operating in Bahrain to assist the regional needs of waste management

Mina Salman Industrial Area:

Building 419,

Road 4308,

Block 343

P.O. Box: 2005,


Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel 17699026, 36401801, 36401601, 36429255

>>Falcon Waste Paper<<

Paper & Carton Ma'ameer

Falcon Waste Paper

They are professional paper and carton collectors, and have more than hundred sites from where they collect.

The Bahrain based (Ma'ameer) waste paper recycling unit focused on saving the environment.

They collect paper all over Bahrain. While most of their operation rely on collection of free waste paper, they are also open to negotiating to purchase good quality waste paper.  

Services offered:

  • Free paper/carton collection +200Kg
  • Confidential paper shredding


Phone: 973 1770 0036 / 39657575

>>Perfect Paper Recycling FZC (buyer of paper) UAE<<

UAE based company that has registered to buy plastic and paper in bulk.

Contact Mr.Mohammed Shakeel + 971-50-4850542


>>Bahrain Contract Cleaning<<

Carton, Paper, Plastic Styrofoam

Bahrain Contract Cleaning is the leading recycling company having 30 years experience in the field.

They recycle cartons, paper, all kind of plastic, Styrofoam, etc.

They have a contract with Municipalities to participate in their upcoming community recycling projects that is going to create a great impact in the way people think about environment.

Having large number fleets and staffs, they currently serve most of the major markets in Bahrain.

Closely associated with some of the charity organizations in their drive for recycling for charity

Collection boxes are placed free of charge throughout Bahrain with new recycling bins


Mr. Ajay Kumar (Operations Manager) Tel. 39125578

Mr. Ratheesh Poozhiyil (General Manager) Tel. 39468685

Mr. Hammed AlMajid (Managing Director) Tel. 39468668



Facebook: recyclebahrain

* To get a recycling bin in the neighborhood, there are no cost involved. All that one should call one of the numbers above or email us your requirement . One can also contact them throug their website or our Facebook page

The only criteria for providing this bin is to find suitable place to serve maximum number of people.

* There are no cost involved and it is absolutely free.

* Initially we clear these bins on weekly basis and if any point of time the bin get full prior to our service day, anyone call us on our number and we will clear it immediately .

* Paper and cardboard will undergo a semi recycling process here in our factory and then export them for final recycling whereas all kind of plastic is fully recycled in our factory in Bahrain and recycled materials become raw materials for many factories in Bahrain. 

>>Locations bins of Contract Cleaning<<

Locations bins of Contract Cleaning

  • Bahrain University - Sakir 4 bins
  • Bab Al Bahrain 3 different locations
  • Gudaibiya -
  • Salmaniya Park
  • Andalus Park
  • Juffair
  • Road 2444 Near Hani building
  • Road 2441, Near Orange Tower
  • Road no. 2442, Near Bahrain Speciality Hospital
  • Close to Oasis Tower
  • Next to 100 Residence Building
  • Ras al Ruman
  • near Ashraf's
  • East Riffa
  • Muharraq near MC Donalds
  • Saar secondary school for girls
  • Zallaq next to Midway market

NIDUKKI is a waste management, cleaning and recycling service provider with 30 years’ experience in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Business partners stretch across the island and include both the private and public sectors (Ministries, Industries, Airport, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Private Residential Developments, Hospitals etc).

Going Green

As a leading Waste Management company in the country, they see the push for recycling, firstly as their national duty to protect Bahrain’s environment and secondly as their humanitarian duty to protect the planet’s environment.

NIDUKKI started its recycling operations in November 2011 with a facility operational space of approximately 2500 m2. Capable of tackling all pre- segregated recyclable waste. Our recycling operations provide two main advantages to our customers. It assists them with their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment through contributing to the protection of Bahrain’s environment and it reduces their waste collection expenses.

The creation of our recycling department has been a contributing force to protecting our country’s environment and to our existing customers’ corporate social responsibility.

We collect, segregate and recycle all types of cardboard, paper, books, magazines, cans, plastics, cooking oil, engine oil and batteries. We have a skilled workforce that segregates the unwanted waste from the recyclables to ensure that the least amount of waste ends up in the landfill.

NIDUKKI offers customized recycling containers (size, design and shape) to meet all clients’ various needs.

Phone: +973 17731648

Phone: +973 17456218

Fax: +973 17456217

P. O. BOX 1382,Kingdom of Bahrain

Others Services: General waste removal, industrial waste removal, cleaning

recycle stations

supplied by nidukki

Urbaser’s mission is to improve the living conditions of both present and future generations, ensuring their access to basic natural resources and minimising the environmental impact of human progress.


Building 2504, Road 2832, Flat # 3102,

Al Seef 428 P.O. Box



Keep an eye on this space i will be sharing locations for skips places by Urbaser

This one below is next to Reef Mall Malkiya for paper,carton, plastic

The Eco-Bus initiative, a community project spearheaded by waste management firm Urbaser, currently covers public school students in the Northern and Southern governorates.

Experts visit schools and get the children to board the bus where talks, films and games are held about the importance of preserving the environment.

The initiative is being operated under the umbrella of the Education Ministry’s Eco-School Project and was awarded the Best Community Project at the Third Bahrain Sustainable Smart Cities Forum and Awards 2018 which was held in Manama earlier in September 2018.

The initiative has so far covered 46 government schools in the Northern and Southern governorates in the last year, which adds up to 10 per cent of public schools in the country.

Gulf City Cleaning Company

Nass Group

PO Box 669 Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: +973 17729151

Fax: +973 17825278


GCCC provides services on a contract basis to private and public sectors throughout the Kingdom Of Bahrain.. GCCC was formed in 2000 following the successful award of the Tender for collection of Waste, Street Sweeping and Septic Tank Emptying in the Municipalities of Manama (The Capital City) Muharraq and Hidd

Help us to help you, in providing the Best Services by using our New Whatsapp Hot line

Gulf City Cleaning Whatsapp Hot line

It’s an additional service to receive any waste management queries from the residents and citizens living in the Capital & Muharraq 


Domestic Collection

Commercial Collection

Static Compactors

Mechanical Sweeping

Waste Water Collection

Open Land Clearance

Oil Spill Removal

Hazardous Waste Transport

Recycle skips locations

Just Send Us your observations or concerns and the location & we will contact you

Our Hotline 80001111 is still available 24 hours a day


To join our Broadcast list

1. Save the Number 17729151 on your phone

2. Send the word Add Me

3. Send your full name

Joining is free of charge and you may pull out any time

Make use of our Mobile App for Recycling Bank locations in the Capital & Muharraq

App Store

Google Market<%2Fspan>" target="_blank">Google Market

Nabi Saleh

Drop off locations around Bahrain

The following are locations where you can drop off recycling check back regularly for updates.

If you know of any place in Bahrain where bins are placed please contact me so I can include these here on the website so more are able to find them and make use of them

An Environmental Affairs Committee comprising of senior

management, has been established to oversee the development and monitoring of environmental, objectives and targets, set to ensure compliance with

legal requirements and the company’s Environment, Health and

Safety policy.

The Hazardous Waste Management Committee’s function is to ensure

that all hazardous waste generated within Bapco is identified, managed

and disposed off in an environmentally sound manner and in accordance with national and international regulations.

Bapco has an ongoing program for paper, cardboard, and printer and

copier cartridges recycling.

This program also involves the Awali community where a dedicated Awali Recycling Committee has been in place since early 1990.

Location of Bins for clean paper, metal and plastic are next to the NBB National Bank of Bahrain

>>Parents and friends of disabled (plastic bottles)<<

Recycle your Plastic Bottles to help buy Wheelchairs for disabled in Bahrain Don’t Throw It Away!!!

It Can Be Used In Some Other Way!!!

Help with the collection of Plastic bottles and caps to be replaced with customized wheel-chairs for the benefit of persons with disabilities

Drop your empty plastic bottles to Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled located in Adliya opposite Alumni Club (Nadi AlKhaleej).

Plastic recycling bin is available in that location.

The also collect waste paper to generate more money for their worthwhile projects

Address: Flat #1, Building 637, Road 3625, Adliya 336

For more information contact 39663639


“A number of people have donated many bags filled with plastic and Tatweer, Golden Tulip, eGovernment Abdul Rahman Kanoo School, French School, Bahrain Polytechnic and College of Health and Science in Salmaniya have donated thousands of bottles by dropping in bags every week,”

A normal wheelchair costs much less than a customized one. “We can buy customized wheelchairs after collecting around 12-15 tons of plastic,”

>>Supermarkets (carton)<<

Most supermarkets and shopping area's have carton containers where flat boxes can be deposited.


In many neighborhoods they have sprung up; containers from different societies and places of worship where clothes can be donated - please make sure to put them in bag and close them to avoid them getting soiled in the containers these can also be given to mosques directly and thrift shops like:

>>Awali Thriftshop<<

House 509 B (see map just after the gate in Awali)

Contact A.Keates for information: 39629580

Opening Times:

8:30 am – 10:30 am SUNDAYS

8:30 am – 10:30 am TUESDAYS                         Holidays - not open         

Run by Volunteers and all proceeds go to charities in Bahrain.

All donations will be great accepted and can be delivered at the Thrift Shop on the above days during opening time.

Special collection arrangements can only be made by calling them.

The things we will accept are household goods, electrical items must be in good working order, all mens, ladies & children items, linens and small furniture items such as coffee tables, kids stools, chairs, pushchairs, toys etc

(BSPCA) Thrift Shop, 6 Busheiri Gardens

Monday,Tuesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday: 09:00 to 17:00

Sunday                                                              14:00 to 19:00

Wednesday Closed

Contact: 17593479

If the Sanctuary is the heart of the BSPCA then the Thrift Shop is its lifeline!

The main fundraising for the society goes on day in, day out, week in, week out by a group of dedicated ladies who give up their time voluntarily to run the Shop, which is by far the Society's main source of regular income.

The Thrift Shop is the largest in Bahrain and carries used, ethnic, traditional & western clothing as well as children's toys and books, household items and linens, a large selection of books, and many other miscellaneous items.

The Thrift Shop is situated in the Busheri Gardens compound just off the Budaiya Highway, opposite the Wholesale Restaurant.

Second Chance

Cat Society of Bahrain: 17695848

Items includes children's , women's and men's clothing, toys, household items, books, etc.

Come on down and have a browse... we're open every

Monday from 10am - 12 noon

Friday from 4pm - 6pm

Second Chance is situated on the CSBPA's official premises at Tibra's pet store, Budaiya Road, between the Bookcase and the Good Life Gallery.

All proceeds from Second Chance will go to help support the Charity Committee in its unwavering efforts to care for stray, abandoned and abused animals.

»Thrift Centre, St Christopher's Cathedral, Manama«


Accepted Donations:

Clean, gently used, seasonal clothing, accessories, shoes, books, toys, linen, towels, household items and appliances, etc.


All items are sorted on the basis of

For sale - Proceeds are used for charitable purposes

For the needy – labour camps, villages, families and emergencies such as victims of fire


ECC volunteers help sort, shelve items, hang clothing and run the shop.


The Charity Centre is open for business on

Friday               03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Saturday           10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon


Should be delivered to the St. Christopher’s Cathedral, Manama (to the office or the Caretaker)

Location and Phone numbers:

The Charity Centre is located in the St. Christopher’s Cathedral premises in Manama.

For further details you may contact 17253866

»Poor of St. Anthony, Sacred Heart Church«

Better known as POSA

Sacred Heart Catholic Church

Building 329 Isa Al Kabeer Avenue manama


The POSA group meets every Tuesday evening at the Parish premises to cater to the needy and the less fortunate of the Parish. The POSA Book Stall; the Thrift Shop and the Parish Canteen are operated under the auspices of the POSA group. The group also counsel and help the needy parishioners at various possible levels.

Tuesday evenings sacred heart church Manama

Alternative recycling options

Helping Hands Bahrain

Was started years ago (2002) by Mrs. Salma Bala and a group of like-minded souls.

(Unfortunately for us she has left Bahrain to retire in Hydrabad-India)

Mrs Bala has also been a prominent member of the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) and has managed to talk several people out of suicide bids after receiving calls in the middle of the night.

Her work has led to her being worshipped by people of all nationalities and was once described as Bahrain’s Mother Teresa.

Over the years Mrs Bala and her angels of mercy have also provided provisions for hundreds of labourers whose camps have been ravaged by fires, galvanising support through the local press

In winter they bring warm clothes, bedding and heaters, and in the summer they distribute water, air-conditioning units and cold drinks.

She has also helped hundreds of young maids who find themselves in terrifying situations here, as well as local Bahraini families who are in need.

Scores of people and organisations have been inspired by her work and have offered their support. Some have even followed her lead.

Two women who used to work with her have started similar projects in Dubai and the US.

In Bahrain, dozens of people are motivated to give to the cause.

Helping Hands only accepts donations of supplies or time, but not

money. Those that want to do so please call:

Gita Khrisnan : 39683130

Rasila : 39467494

Ebbie : 39821066

They try to find families or labour camps that might be able to put pieces of used furniture, old computers, mattresses, pillows, etc to use, for clothes however they don"t have storage facilities

Charity funds

* Hamad town: 17410444/ 17415150

* Manama : 17256000

* Busaiteen: 17334774

* Samahij : 17470177

* Magaba : 17695100

* Budaiya : 17693830

* BarBar: 17692555

* Shahrakan: 17440155

* Boori : 17641552/17643477

* Bukawara(Riffa): 17770225

* Abuquwah : 17401510

* Karrana : 17596688

* Janoosan: 17595916

* Karbabad: 17583116

* Sitra: 17736444/ 17736131

* Jaw: 17840050

* Al Muharraq: 17330464/17333123/ 17342321

* Bani Jamrah: 17697444

* Al Quraya: 17697444

* Al Janabiya: 17793336

* Isa Town: 17682686/ 17685306/ 17682687

* Al Hamala : 17601514

* Al Westa: 17626140

* Aali Housing:17643833

* Al Mahooz: 17716899

* Al Juffair: 17825161

* Al Hidd : 17671718

* Al Muqshaa: 17596596

* Al Qadam : 17593095

* Al Hajar: 17591762

* Al Shakoora: 17595093

* Nabeeh Saleh: 17737474

* Belad Al Qadeem: 17270012

* Umm AlHassam: 17741178

* Jid Al Haj: 17592040

* Arad charity work fund: fax 17466273

Jawad Dome BarBar (batteries)

Jawad has a container for batteries recycling neat the entrance of the supermarket.

I must also applaud them for the fact that they have made an effort to reduce the plastic waste for dine-in customers by using proper ceramic plates and metal cutlery instead of the plastic plates and utensils that were offered in the past.

Mobile phone recycling

VIVA Trade-in program 2018

Trade-in Program lets you to sell your old device and receive a new device from VIVA at a reduced price. The discounted price will be equal to the evaluated amount of the returned device.

The value of your phone

If your phone has any value, you will receive a credit voucher which you can use to trade-in your old device and get a new one or upgrade your old device at the VIVA store in City Centre Bahrain

Zain<%2Fspan>" target="_blank">Zain disposal of old electronics 2011-2012-2015 2019?

Manama – 13 Oct 2015 (2011-2012)

Zain Bahrain, the most innovative telecom operator in the Kingdom, expanded its successful e-Waste Recycling Campaign with the support of the Supreme Council for Environment, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

With an aim to promote a healthy environment and urge people to contribute and participate in the campaign, Zain Bahrain has placed boxes in the UNDP office along with Zain Bahrain’s Headquarters. The company are planning to expand the scope of its environmental CSR initiative by locating boxes in various schools and universities in the Kingdom.

“We aim to expand our reach and encourage the public to become more responsible and take a step towards a more eco-friendly society.” commented Corporate Communications Manager, Samya Hussein from Zain Bahrain. ​

Will they restart the project in 2019 and keep it a permanent project?

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