Recycling: the why,how and where in Bahrain

Info page on the environment and recycling resources in Bahrain

Private companies that have in-house recycling projects

 1. First Bahrain Real Estate Development Company

First Bahrain is an innovative real estate investment company.

Dedicated to achieving sustainable returns through collaborative relationships,

First Bahrain creates enduring value for all stakeholders with a demand-driven investment approach. Operating out of Bahrain and Kuwait, First Bahrain is strategically positioned to execute projects across the GCC, in accordance with the principles of Sharia.


 In house recycling of paper, Plastic, Aluminum 


First Bahrain is a brand driven organization.


That is, their business is focused on delivering on their brand promise.


As an organization they are committed to developing in line with our values and achieving their stated mission and objectives.



Almoayyed Tower,
Suite 501, Al Seef,
Kingdom of Bahrain


Postal Address:
PO Box 75622, Manama,
Kingdom of Bahrain


T +973 17567555
F +973 17567556



2.Keypoint Consulting WLL


Their team of experienced consultants can assist your organisation in the following areas:


Company formation; Company secretarial; Business advisory; Fund administration; Share registry; Fundamental accounting services; and

Human Resources.



Keypoint Consulting W.L.L.
24th Floor, NBB Tower,
Government Avenue
P O Box 11718
Kingdom of Bahrain


Phone: +973-17-200-025


Fax: +973-17-200-026





 They recycle Paper Plastic and Aluminum




3. BMMI Manama


Road: 1701
Diplomatic Area


BMMI owns and operates Alosra Supermarket, the anchor store of the Najibi Centre community mall, located in the upmarket Saar / Budaiya family neighbourhood of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

It also operates an Alosra Express on the Islands of Amwaj and plans are in place to open more Alosra Express outlets across Bahrain in the near future.

Alosra has successfully carved out a leading market share of the Kingdom’s high-end grocery sector, with a loyal and discerning customer base comprising mainly Western expatriates and affluent Bahraini nationals


 BMMI is the premier beverages company in the Kingdom of Bahrain, providing the highest levels of quality, value and service.

The Company is a major distributor, wholesaler and retailer for many of the world’s leading agencies and household name brands of beers, spirits, wines, champagnes and other alcoholic beverages


BMMI Corporate Office
PO Box 828
812 Shaikh Jaber Al Ahmed Al Subah Highway
Kingdom of Bahrain

Tel: + 973 17746111
Fax: + 973 17744740




Compost Boxes Garden Nursery

 in Bar Bar (just past BBK) has wooden composting bins made out of recycled wood (10bd)

  They also sell organic cold pressed Neem (Azadirachta indica) oil for those pesky pests, skin problems in humans and animals etc

Call:3988 7333


4. Bahrain Society of Engineers

Al-Shabeb Avenue Road: 4101

Society’s Main Activities 

  1. Develop the engineering knowledge of newly graduated Arab Engineers.
  2. Providing places in various Conferences/Workshops/Seminars, free of cost and at reduced rates.
  3. Organizing International and Regional Conferences and Exhibitions.
  4. Organizing Seminars and Workshops on Engineering subjects.
  5. Organizing Lectures and Technical Visits for members.
  6. Organizing and issuing leaflets, booklets, journals, research studies, newsletters and conference proceedings during conferences.
  7. Providing employment services for members through received offers and approved programmes.
  8. Offering financial aid to members for training and development purposes within the Society’s financial constraints.
  9. Organizing public relations and information –related activities by publishing the Al-Mohandis Journal and issuing press releases to the local press.
  10. Providing Forums and opportunities for the exchange of engineering and scientific information

5. Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled


Recycle your Plastic Bottles to help buy Wheelchairs for disabled in Bahrain Don’t Throw It Away!!!

It Can Be Used In Some Other Way!!!

Help with the collection of Plastic bottles and caps to be replaced with customized wheel-chairs for the benefit of persons with disabilities

Drop your empty plastic bottles to Bahrain Association for Parents and Friends of the Disabled located in Adliya opposite Alumni Club (Nadi AlKhaleej).

Plastic recycling bin is available in that location.

The also collect waste paper to generate more money for  their worthwhile projects

Address: Flat #1, Building 637, Road 3625, Adliya 336

For more information contact 39663639

“A number of people have donated many bags filled with plastic and Tatweer, Golden Tulip, eGovernment Abdul Rahman Kanoo School, French School, Bahrain Polytechnic and College of Health and Science in Salmaniya have donated thousands of bottles by dropping in bags every week,”

A normal wheelchair costs much less than a customized one. “We can buy customized wheelchairs after collecting around 12-15 tons of plastic,”



Alternative recycling options



Helping Hands Bahrain


Was started 9 years ago (2002) by Mrs. Salma Bala and a group of like-minded souls.

(Unfortunately for us she has left Bahrain  to retire in Hydrabad-India)


Mrs Bala has also been a prominent member of the Migrant Workers Protection Society (MWPS) and has managed to talk several people out of suicide bids after receiving calls in the middle of the night.

Her work has led to her being worshipped by people of all nationalities and was once described as Bahrain’s Mother Teresa.


Over the years Mrs Bala and her angels of mercy have also provided provisions for hundreds of labourers whose camps have been ravaged by fires, galvanising support through the local press

In winter they bring warm clothes, bedding and heaters, and in the summer they distribute water, air-conditioning units and cold drinks.


She has also helped hundreds of young maids who find themselves in terrifying situations here, as well as local Bahraini families who are in need.

Scores of people and organisations have been inspired by her work and have offered their support. Some have even followed her lead.


Two women who used to work with her have started similar projects in Dubai and the US.


In Bahrain, dozens of people are motivated to give to the cause.

Helping Hands only accepts donations of supplies or time, but not

money. Those that want to do so please call:

Gita Khrisnan : 39683130


Rasila : 39467494


Ebbie : 39821066

They  try to find families or labour camps that might be able to put pieces of used furniture, old computers, mattresses, pillows, etc to use, for clothes however they don"t have storage facilities

There are however several other Thrif-shops  Charity funds and Mosques around Bahrain, that welcome them.


Charity funds in Bahrain


* Hamad town: 17410444/ 17415150

* Manama : 17256000

* Busaiteen: 17334774

* Samahij : 17470177

* Magaba : 17695100

* Budaiya : 17693830

* BarBar: 17692555

* Shahrakan: 17440155

* Boori : 17641552/17643477

* Bukawara(Riffa): 17770225

* Abuquwah : 17401510

* Karrana : 17596688

* Janoosan: 17595916

* Karbabad: 17583116

* Sitra: 17736444/ 17736131

* Jaw: 17840050

* Al Muharraq: 17330464/17333123/ 17342321

* Bani Jamrah: 17697444

* Al Quraya: 17697444

* Al Janabiya: 17793336

* Isa Town: 17682686/ 17685306/ 17682687

* Al Hamala : 17601514

* Al Westa: 17626140

* Aali Housing:17643833

* Al Mahooz: 17716899

* Al Juffair: 17825161

* Al Hidd : 17671718

* Al Muqshaa: 17596596

* Al Qadam : 17593095

* Al Hajar: 17591762

* Al Shakoora: 17595093

* Nabeeh Saleh: 17737474

* Belad Al Qadeem: 17270012

* Umm AlHassam: 17741178

* Jid Al Haj: 17592040

* Arad charity work fund: fax  17466273

Thrift shops around Bahrain


»Awali Thriftshop«


House 509 B (see map just after the gate in Awali)


Contact A.Keates for information: 39629580


 Opening Times:

 8:30 am – 10:30 am   SUNDAYS  

 8:30 am – 10:30 am   TUESDAYS                        Holidays - not open         

Run by Volunteers and all proceeds go to charities in Bahrain.
All donations will be great accepted and can be delivered at the Thrift Shop on the above days during opening time.


Special collection arrangements can only be made by calling them.
The things we will accept are household goods, electrical items must be in good working order, all mens, ladies & children items, linens and small furniture items such as coffee tables, kids stools, chairs, pushchairs, toys etc.



»Bahrain Society «

»for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals«


(BSPCA) Thrift Shop, 6 Busheiri Gardens



Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 09:00 to 12:00

Sunday                                   :15:00 to 17:00


Contact: 17593479



If the Sanctuary is the heart of the BSPCA then the Thrift Shop is its lifeline!


The main fundraising for the society goes on day in, day out, week in, week out by a group of dedicated ladies who give up their time voluntarily to run the Shop, which is by far the Society's main source of regular income.


The Thrift Shop is the largest in Bahrain and carries used, ethnic, traditional & western clothing as well as children's toys and books, household items and linens, a large selection of books, and many other miscellaneous items.


The Thrift Shop is situated in the Busheri Gardens compound just off the Budaiya Highway, opposite the Wholesale Restaurant.




»Thrift Centre, St Christopher's Cathedral, Manama«




Accepted Donations:


Clean, gently used, seasonal clothing, accessories, shoes, books, toys, linen, towels, household items and appliances, etc.




All items are sorted on the basis of

For sale - Proceeds are used for charitable purposes

For the needy – labour camps, villages, families and emergencies such as victims of fire




ECC volunteers help sort, shelve items, hang clothing and run the shop.




The Charity Centre is open for business on

Friday              03:00 p.m. to 05:00 p.m.

Saturday          10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon




Should be delivered to the St. Christopher’s Cathedral, Manama (to the office or the Caretaker)


 Location and Phone numbers:


The Charity Centre is located in the St. Christopher’s Cathedral premises in Manama.


For further details you may contact39440319 or 17253866





»Tibra's petshop«  


Second Chance


Cat Society of Bahrain: 17695848


Items includes children's , women's and men's clothing, toys, household items, books, etc.


Come on down and have a browse... we're open every


Monday from 10am - 12 noon


Friday from 4pm - 6pm


Second Chance is situated on the CSBPA's official premises at Tibra's pet store, Budaiya Road, between the Bookcase and the Good Life Gallery.


All proceeds from Second Chance will go to help support the Charity Committee in its unwavering efforts to care for stray, abandoned and abused animals.





A non-profit global network that aims to help needy people and benefit the environment.


It seeks to reduce waste, save precious resources and the burden on landfill sites by offering users to either ask for or offer items FREE OF CHARGE.


The network is made up of many individual groups across the globe Bahrain being one of them.


You can give away unwanted items by posting them on the groups page, but you can also acquire something by either replying to the offer  or by posting what you need.


Freecycle  group is Bahrain







Individuals that recycle

»«      »«     »«


1.Al Mohanna Family  Hamad Town


Recycle organic waste, metal cans, aluminum cans, paper, plastic,  scarp metal, carton, glass, batteries (needs someone to take it off them)


2. Cote  family 

 Recycle Paper, carton, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans, and glass as soon as they have confirmed to get it collected


3. Buhamoud Family in East Riffa


Recycle Paper, carton, plastic, aluminum, metal, (glass since she read here that it can be recycled again)



 » «


4. Mrs. Al Masri and Family

She is a teacher at the Shaikha Hessa Girls School and recycles all her paper by bringing it to school.

5. The Madan Family (Madinat Hamad)


Recycle paper, carton, metal cans, plastic and will start with glass since it will be possible to have it recycled again.





6. Mr. Saleh and Family from Muharraq


Recycle Paper, Plastic, Aluminum and glass 


7. Mr. Mohanna A Mohanna of East Riffa family and extended family


Recycle  paper, carton, aluminum and metal cans, plastic and glass.


8. Ms. Mara Mustapha and family


Recycle paper, carton, plastic, metal and aluminum cans.

Wishes also to be able to recycle batteries and glass.

9. Sayeed Family (Awali)

Besides recycling paper, carton, plastic, metal and aluminum cans they also recycle kitchen water for the garden and compost all kitchen and garden organics


Would like to to see included  Include glass and batteries.

Suggests to compost organics in Bahrain's desert areas to make the sandy soil retain water and produce greenery.


Encourage use of sodium vapor fluorescent light to replace mercury vapor lights 

10. Forum Member Mrs. Latifa from Hamad Town


Recycles paper and carton in Riffa and Hamad town


Raw left overs and food scraps are going into  compost boxes.


Ground egg shells, are going all over her little garden and pot plants.


Papers to the local school well and now I hope to bring my plastic bottles and glass to the recycling-banks dotted on the Island


» «



11. Mrs. Fatima Ahmed and Family from Hamad Town


Recycle paper carton plastic and metals


12. The Cortez Family from Al Jasra

Recycle paper, plastic, aluminum and glass

13.  Mr. Andrew Knoedler working in Saudi Arabia but Living in Bahrain


Recycles paper plastic cans and glass


14. Forum member Maria a Indian school student recycles paper and plastic items on a small scale at home.


She does this by reusing items for making up something new using materials as magazine papers, news papers, cartons, cans, glass n plastic bottles ...and any other usable item to be thrown away...and would love to be a part in saving our environment (well girl you are doing a great job already keep it up).


15. Forum Member Tina and family

Recycles Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans 

Recycles Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass

 17. Jane Bowtell recently came with her family from Australia and recycles Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass and everything else.

18. OD working for Gulfair recycles Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass and also clothes.
19. Omar from Holland Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass

20. Nabilla from Sanad recycles Paper, paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass seeing as that there are so many locations where it can be dropped off.
21. Mr. Rehan Ahmed, from the Public Commission for wildlife Protection recycles Paper, carton,plastic,aluminum, metal and glass. He  has a regular column in Bahrain Confidential. He is a avid supporter of the environment  and his regular contributions in Bahrain's  publications are very intersting and knowlegable.
22. Ekaterina Farran recycles  paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass
23. Gerlie Dulay / Manama recycles plastic and Aluminum
24.Eman Alwan - Bahraini student lady who has just arrived from Belgium to Bahrain.
she's taking some ideas and habits from Belgium to Bahrain.
She has studied Tourism and now is studying in Bahrain polytechnic
Planning to start some action regarding recycling on campus.
Eman recycles plastic
25. Mary Sukumar /Sar an Anesthesiologist by profession and an avid recycler. Believes that reducing and reusing are ways to keep our environment uncluttered. She recycles old magazines and soda cans into pieces of jewelry, cards, gift boxes and magnets. Contact her if you are interested in learning more about her work. She raises money for children's charities with the proceeds from the sale of these items. email

 26.Hussain Galadari  of Jidd Ali

Recycles Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans 

He told me:

At work, I noticed a lot of paper gets tossed in the garbage. few steps away we have a recycling container. I wonder why people don’t take the additional steps to help reduce waste. Is it weird that I always pull out the paper waste from the garbage and move it to recycling? I get a little embarrassed when people catch me doing this, but I always follow it up with a comment like, “I’m a recycler.”  


27. Fatima Abdali - from AlShakhura

recycles Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass


28. Kevin J. Denecke from  Juffair

Recycles at home and would like to know resources available to encourage others to recycle. Paper, Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans 


29.  Sandra Short and Family from Riffa Views

recycle Paper,Plastic, Aluminum, Metal cans and glass